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Ventil Valve Academy

The VENTIL VALVE ACADEMY is the new standard for understanding valve selection, repair/maintenance and how it could impact your process plant. Valves that are incorrectly sized, selected, of poor quality, not repaired and tested properly result in the following issues:

  • Safety and Environmental Concerns
  • Longer start up times
  • Frequent maintenance
  • Plant trips
  • Damage to other expensive and long lead time equipment

The VENTIL VALVE ACADEMY have developed a large number of valve training courses that are targeted at 3 specific group levels –
1) Users, 2) Maintenance & Repair Technicians and 3) Engineers. Regardless of your level, we have a course for you, for further valve course details; please visit our support page to download the brochure. The courses can be held in Jakarta or to maximise value at your process facility including remote locations on and off shore, are given in dual language - English and Bahasa Indonesian. Start taking control of your valves, contact us today!